Tajikistan visa

According to Tajikistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs the citizens of following countries can apply for a single-entry tourist visa valid for up to 45 days at Tajik embassies or consulates abroad on the basis of personal application without visa support letter: Australia, Austria, Algeria, Egypt, Argentina, Bulgaria, Luxemburg, Hungary, Vietnam, Brunei-Dorussalem, Israel, Greece, China, India, Ireland, Iran, Pakistan, Iceland, Italy, Canada, Qatar, Cyprus, Bahrain, Belgium, Jordan, Denmark, Spain, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Lebanon, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, UAE, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Korea, Indonesia, Croatia, Romania, Singapore, Syria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Great Britain, USA, Thailand, Turkey, Tunis, Brazil, Germany, Philippines, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Estonia, SAR, Japan.  Travelers requiring longer period of stay or several entries would need to arrange a visa support letter before applying for Tajik visa. Providing a visa support, travelers will be able to obtain multiple-entry visas valid for a longer time. Visa validity may also depend on the visa type: tourist visa -30 days, private visa -90 days, work or business visa -up to 1 year, student visa -up to 9 months. To extend your stay within Tajikistan you would need to apply for extension far in advance through Tajikistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (work visa) or OVIR (tourist, work and business visa).

Please note: the government of Tajikistan requires all visitors who remain in country for more than 90 days to submit to an HIV test or to present a medical certificate showing that they are HIV-free.

Entry /Exit  A valid passport and visa are required to enter and exit Tajikistan. Your Tajik visa should be valid for the entire period of your stay in Tajikistan. If purpose of your stay is other than travel we strongly encourage you to request visa that allow for changing travel dates as it might be complicated to do within Tajikistan. Failed on show a valid visa is subject for penalty and immediate departure.

Obtaining Tajik Visa abroad  

Travelers arriving to Tajikistan from countries where Tajikistan is represented by embassy or consulate must obtain Tajik visa abroad prior to their travel. Visa application forms (filled out in 2 copies) can be obtained in the embassy or downloaded here.  

Please note your passport must be valid for at least six months following the duration of your planned stay in Tajikistan.  Please refer to the list of Tajikistan embassies abroad to locate nearest to you.

Obtaining Tajik Visa on arrival  

This option is suitable for travelers arriving to Tajikistan from countries where no Tajik embassies or consulates represented. Please note you must obtain a visa support, in the form of a registered letter from the Tajik Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirming that request for visa is approved and a visa may be issued at the consulate based in arrival lounge of Dushanbe International Airport on arrival.

  At this moment visas on arrival could only be obtained arriving to Dushanbe International Airport and does not apply to any other Tajik airports or land borders.

  Visa application forms (fill out 2 copies) can be obtained from the consulate at the arrival lounge of Dushanbe International Airport or downloaded here.

  Please note your passport must be valid for at least six months following the duration of your planned stay in Tajikistan. Travelers are also required to provide two passport-size photos.  Visas issued on arrival at Dushanbe International Airport are by default valid for 45 days.  Receiving a visa at the airport may also entail some waiting.

From 1st January 2017, Republic of Tajikistan implemented a new electronic system of visa processing and issuance for foreign nationals and stateless persons. According to the new system, it is required to submit an application form and the supporting documents online via Tajikistan Visa Electronic Application Centre. Then depending on the results of pre-assessment, an applicant will be invited by e-mail to visit the Embassy for further processing procedures such as digital fingerprints collection, taking a digital photograph, etc. 

There are some applicants whose fingerprints are not required.

If you do need to apply for a visa, please follow the steps below:


Submit the application form and upload the supporting documents here

    *Provide a valid passport, which has at least two blank pages for a visa.

    *Your passport must be valid for at least three months longer than the validity of the requested visa


When you receive the email, follow the instructions it contains carefully

On the day of your appointment at the Embassy, bring your appointment letter and application pack, along with your passport. 

You will be fingerprinted and your photo will be captured when you arrive for your interview at the Embassy, and then you will be given an acknowledgment for the submission of your passport.

*There are some applicants whose fingerprints are not required, including:

1) Diplomats

2) Children


After a decision has been made, your documents will be ready for collection. You will be prompted to pay a visa fee in accordance with the visa category you have chosen, upon collection of the passport.  You have to collect your passport in person from the Embassy.