Along the path of Alexander The Great (7 days tour)

  • Route: Oybek border-Khujand-Istravshan-Artuch camp-Penjikent-Iskandarkul Lake-Dushanbe-Sariosiyo border
  • Duration: Days 7,   Nights 6
  • Tour type: Сlassical tours
  • Season: Summer, Autumn

TAJIKISTAN 7 DAYS TOUR PROGRAM (beginning from Oybek border ending at Sariosiyo border). This tour can be combined with Uzbekistan


Meet the clients at Tajik-Uzbek  “Oybek” border and drive to Khujand. Khujand is situated in the north of Tajikistan, and is one of its most ancient cities, founded about 2,300 years ago during the time of Alexander the Great. According to Greek historians, in 329 B.C. Alexander the Great founded a fortress on the river Tanais or Yaksart (at present days we call it Syr-Darya river), which formed a natural border for his empire. After arrival to Khujand, visiting the fortress by the Syr Darya river and the Khujand ethnographic museum. Lunch in a national Restaurant “Zaytun”. In the second part of day take a walk around the Panjshanbe Bazar and Sheikh Muslihiddin Medressah.   Overnight at Hotel.


Drive to Istaravshan city (Ura-tyube). Istaravshan history has shaped the character of the people who live in the city. It’s a fascinating place with some of the oldest and most intact Islamic buildings in Tajikistan, including many mosques, traditional street and several significant madrasa complexes. Excursion in Istaravshan city: the mosque and madrasa Kok-Gumbaz, The mausoleums of Bobo tago and Chor- Gumbaz and the complexes of Sari Mazor and Hazrati Shoh. Drive to Mountain Base “ARTUCH” across Shahristan Pass. (3,370m.) y the way lunch in the restaurant in beautiful Shahristan gorge.  Arrival to Mountain Base “ARTUCH”. Mountain base “ARTUCH” is located in the heart of Fan Mountain’s at height 2200m. Accommodation in a cottage. 


After breakfast drive to Penjikent. By the way will visit the Mausoleum of Abu Abdullah Rudaki 9th century. The famous poet of Persian people. Arrival to Penjikent city. Penjikent was rediscovered in the mid-20th century and is still an active archeological site. Visit the excavation site of the ancient Sogdian city (5th-7th centuries). This is often referred to as the “Pompeii of Central Asia” Excursion in Penjikent museum. Lunch in the restaurant near the Komsomolsk lake. Visit the ancient settlement of Sarazm- Research gives grounds for the opinion that the ancient settlement existed here for about one and half millennia from 3,400-2,000 B.C. Numerous houses, religious buildings and places were excavated in Sarazm. A great number of articles made of Copper, bronze, lead, silver and gold, weaponry and ornaments of the 4-2nd millennium B.C. were found.  By the way visit the east market of Penjikent city. Accommodation in a hotel “Dodo”.


Breakfast. Depart from Penjikent city. Drive to Iskandarkul lake along the Varzob Gorge, across Anzob Pass (3,373m).Iskandarkul lake named after Alexander the Great. It is on of the beautiful mountain lakes in Central Asia, surrounded by peak Chimtarga, Hazormech, Sarima and Gazni. Alexander ‘s Armies passed this way on their way to Conquer the Samarqand, and many stories local legends from the cult of Alexander still cling to this place. Lunch in the area. Drive to Base Camp Saratog which is located 8km of Iskanderkul  lake. Accomodation in the cootages. Dinner.


 Depart Saritag. Drive to Dushanbe across tunnel “Istiklol”. Arrival to Dushanbe. This day, centuries-old traditions come alive as you explore this exciting capital city. The origin of Dushanbe lies on the crossroads of the Great Silk Route. Numerous finds from the territory of present day Dushanbe belong to the ancient times and even the Hermitage and the Louvre would like to possess the most unique ones. You will see some of the finest architecture with national elements of ornament – modeling, carving and paintings which make the capital city attractive and impressive. Among the best-known examples are Sadriddin Ayni Opera House, the House of Parliament and the Firdausi Library. You will enjoy views of the statue of Ismoil Somoni in Dushanbe’s central square which is unique not only for Tajikistan but  for the Central Asia as well.You will be delighted with hospitable welcome of the capital city and during your leisure time you can visit numerous cinemas, theatres, parks, bars and restaurants.  Lunch at the Rohat teahouse. This is a modern building built in national style with graceful columns, tracery walls and ceiling decorated with ornamental painting and decorative modeling. Here you can try some dishes of Tajik cuisine such as mantu, plov, lagman and green tea with delicious hot Tajik bread ‘lepyoshka, oriental sweets and dried fruits. After lunch you will visit the National Botanical Garden of Dushanbe city and some of the lovely oriental markets - ‘bazaars’ such as Shohmansur, Barakat with big  piles of vegetables, fruits and different greens which create a ‘carpet’ of the brightest colors and the most aromatic scents. You will enjoy a delightful dinner accompanied by oriental dances of the Great Silk Road. Accomodation at hotel.

D-06  DUSHANBE-HISSAR-DUSHANBE (30 km, one way)

 Breakfast. The Hissar Fortress. You will visit the ruins of the fortress tower known as the Hissar Fortress which was the country estate of the Emir of Bukhara in the 19 century. Inside the fortress there was a pool and a garden, and outside these was a market, shelter for caravans and a lot of small shops. By the way we will visit the Varzob valley. Lunch in a restaurant in Varzob valley.  This afternoon, you will enjoy a delightful lunch at a local restaurant and sample some of the delicious national dishes.  Return to Dushanbe with time we will visit Dushanbe ethnographic museum and National museum of Kamoliddin Bekhzod which was opened in 1934. Dinner at the National restaurant.


After breakfast depart from Dushanbe city to Tajik-Uzbek “Sariosyo” border and see the clients off to Uzbekistan.


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